Blended Brew - sounds of 70’s rock, played with a distinctive love of 90’s grunge.

After putting finishing touches on their first full album that was recorded at the Vibe Factory in Denmark and mastered at Abby Road Studios in London this past December, Blended Brew then played to a sold out audience at their record release party in Copenhagen, this past January. Since then the band has toured all around Europe, highlighted by their recent show opening for AC/DC in July in Roskilde, immediately following their tour of Macedonia, where they will be back by demand once again in September.

The group already continues to gain International exposure, having toured China twice over the past three years.  Upon returning a second time to China in 2013, Blended Brew was on their first headliner tour there. 14 concerts in 9 different cities, performing for thousands of crazy and excited Chinese fans at their shows.  

Blended Brew has been “playing their asses off” as you would say in English, and it has clearly led to an extremely tight and exciting live show. The band continues to steadily develop a growing base of International fans.  When the group hits the stage, it’s always honest and energetic, and the focus is always the love of unadulterated rock ‘n roll.  

Overall, the time spent on the road touring together has enabled Blended Brew to continue to hone their skills and become the tight knit, professional unit they have become.  

Blended Brew has already had the honor of having their songs be a part of movie soundtracks and television programs.  

When listening to their music, it’s clear Blended Brew displays a mutual understanding of their talents and are able to work together in an expressive, unique way, to develop a sometimes familiar yet original sound, that resonates with all nationalities, who are fans of Rock ‘N Roll.

For booking or questions please contact manager & booker Kaylee Wesley Pearson