Nostalgic Danish Rock Trio

Ibens has since their legendary debut album from 1997 - with hits like ‘Jeg Savner Min Blå Cykel’ and 'Ølstykke i November' - stood as a phenomenon in Danish music history that does not resemble much else than Danish rock. Surprisingly, not least the band itself, it is now back in its original form with a new album ‘carstenshenrikskristians’, which is released on February 10, 2019. The songs thematises the longing for balance, the dream of redemption and the missing of the lost, but also the joy of beauty - all delivered with a humorous dispute, which Carsten Lykke is a completely unique supplier of, unparalleled in Danish music.

The band's Danish-language take on the classic rock trio crew, is run by Carsten Lykke’s vocal and energetic guitar playing, Henrik Marstal’s melodic bass course and Kristian Oblings Høeg's pulsating, restless drums - and live the band has always been able to sounds like a rare coherent whole.

Ibens had actually stopped making and playing music after the EP release ‘halvelektronisk’ from 2012, but one anniversary concert for the debut album in February 2017 at Posten in Odense changed it all. At the concert, 500 dedicated and enthusiastic audiences appeared and celebrated the band to such a degree that it felt like a great redemption. Subsequently, Ibens began to meet regularly and recorded new ideas for numbers, and the album ‘carstenshenrikskristians’ began to take shape.

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