A new scandinavian sound

Lukkif is a new Scandinavian emerging act releasing her  debut EP "Mine Hender" in November 30th 2015 and  following EP “Båden” 29th of September 2016. Lukkif has her roots in Nordiv folk music looking into an electronic universe of dancing beats and glitchy sounds.

Nordern light is what comes to mind when the ice-sharp  electronic harmonies unite  with Lukkif’s warm and intense  voice, such that both old and new dance together.

Behind Lukkif is the Danish-Norwegian singer Jullie Hjetland, who for many years has  sung in several different contexts with which she has won the Danish Music Award's  Artist of the Year in 2009 and 2014.

The electronic musician Rumpistol has produced her EP “Båden” together with the jazz musician Hans Mydtskov. With her well-developed sense for both melodic and melancholic phrasing Lukkif brings playful life to a whole electronic world, where the interplay with her intense and compelling voice underpins the more narrative musicality that characterises folk music.

In September 2017 Lukkif released her third EP "Spöket".

"The voice is her main instrument and the three Scandinavian languages in the blood"
  - Red Bull Studios

"With Lukkif's colorful compositions and Jullie's natural energy with which she brings  their music to express, she is a sought-after and highly versatile artist.  With its ambitious project Lukkif she now mixes cristal electronic sounds with  virtually melancholic lyrical compositions.”
- Fusion Festival (DE) 

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